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Revolutionary Technology and Tools to Position Yourself for Exponential Crypto Growth

Inside the MyBlockX Exchange...

Use Crypto for Everyday Purchases coming soon

Accessed via Google Pay or Apple Pay, or upon ordering a physical card, users can pay for everyday items using cryptocurrency from their wallet. Accepted by any merchant that accepts Visa© Debit.

Fast Trades with Ultra-low Fees Using the BlockX Token

We have specifically engineered the BlockX token to allow users to make quick trades, with minimal transaction fees (as low at 0.1%).

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Profitable and Predictable Auto-trading with BLKX Trading AI™ coming soon

We've developed and rigorously tested our own trading bot that employs Artificial Intelligence that yields 15-20% trading gains each month. All you have to do is purchase the BlockX token and set how much you'd like to actively trade.

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Mine the BlockX Token and Earn Exponential Rewards

MyBlockX users have the opportunity to purchase mining rigs to mine the BlockX token. Each rig is capable of mining 100,000 tokens every month. As the BlockX token increases in value, the value of mining exponentially increases.


Built on the BlockX Token

The BlockX token is the heart of the MyBlockX Exchange and allows for an ultra-low fee structure. Unlike ICO's (initial coin offerings), the BlockX token is a utility token; meaning it's functional purpose is for trading within the exchange.

Make Everyday Purchases with BlockX

Your BlockX Visa© Debit Card allows you to...

  • Use your digital currency to purchase items you would normally pay government issue tender with.
  • Make purchases without having to transfer digital currency out of your BlockX wallet.
  • Make practical use of your cryptocurrency while keeping transaction anonymous

Profitable Auto-Trading

The 'World’s First Exchange with Proprietary Trading Algorithms'

Build Crypto Value While You Sleep

The BLKX Trading AI™ Makes Profitable and Predictable Trades for You

The BLKX Trading AI™ allows you to...

  • Trade Manually or Automate Your Crypto Portfolio Growth and Earn Up to 20% Rewards Monthly
  • Access an alternative to 'earning interest' that exceeds any competitive bank rate

Maximize Your Earnings with Mining

The First Public Exchange to Offer Mining to Users

Guaranteed Profitability

Our mining facility allows us to sustainably mine the BlockX token with a zero carbon footprint. This gives miners maximum profitability with no impact on the environment.

Mining the BlockX Token allows you to...

  • Mine 100,000 BlockX Tokens Each Month
  • Be Directly Involved in the Success of the MyBlockX Exchange
  • Completely Automate Your Crypto Growth

The Unique Opportunity to Profit with MyBlockX

Profit with Mining: The First Public Exchange to Offer Mining to Users

Given the ability to mine the BlockX token, you become a direct contributor and beneficiary of the success of the exchange; as the value of the token increase, so does the value of your mining.

Window of Opportunity to Join Before Global Expansion Starts

The exchange is set to open it's doors to a worldwide market once it's primary features are released to all its users. Those who capitalize and hold their BlockX token can expect to get an immediate boost in their holdings' value.

The Big Problem with Current Financial Markets

Traditional Investments are Dying

Prior to 2020, when most people are presented with the idea of ‘investing’, they typically see ETFs, stocks, and a spread of companies to invest in. Unfortunately, the long-term gains expected out of these investments options are slowing decreasing in value.

Traditional Investments are Slow

Even the most aggressive portfolios net only 10% per year. This is great for anyone who is willing to play the long game, but offers very little to someone who wants to build wealth fast.

The Sad Reality of 'Investments' in 2021 and Beyond

As stated by [Extremely Credible Source], these portfolios are expected to plummet by 20% per year for the next 5 years. From 2021 to 2051, many $500 Million hedge funds are expected to collapse. This is because [insert reason why from shawns notes].

Let’s face the facts...

ETFs and Bonds and dying
Many Stocks yield marginal gains every year
Government-issued currencies are subject to inflation

Would you like to skyrocket your crypto value this year?


12 months from now, what would it be like to have control over your wealth, be in the driver’s seat of how much money you make, and have the resources to do what you’ve always dreamed to do?

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The Smarter Way to Profit with Digital Currency

Visible Growth of Crypto Value

Using our built-in trading algorithms, users can see a consistent growth in their portfolio value.

Simple To Use

We've create an exchange that makes it easy for anyone to purchase cryptocurrency and trade on our platform. You don't need to understand trading charts and know technical analysis to profit with MyBlockX.

Recession Proof

Unlike fiat currrency (governemnt issued tender), cryptocurrency is founded on immutable finite resources much like gold or silver. The result is that it holds its value in spite of economic turmoil. In other words, holdings in crypto keep your money safe.

Stable Growth But Fast

The design of the BlockX token along with the trading platform allows users to make consistent and predictable gains every month.

Will My Money Be Safe?

The MyBlockX exchange is built on state-of-the-art security protocols. The chances of your account becoming compromised is a 1 in over 115 quattuorvigintillion (that’s a 78 digit number) chance.

State-of-the-Art Security Protocol

The MyBlockX exchange employs the highest level of security by using state-of-the-art encryption (called SHA-256). This security protocol makes it computationally impossible for hackers to gain access to any information or accounts on the BlockX network.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Crypto Currency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that doesn't require a bank or third-party to verify the legitimacy of transactions.

Is there any Cost to Use Myblockx?

The MyBlockX exchange is completely free to create an account, trade, and withdraw cryptocurrency. Our exchange has some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry.

How does mining work?

In short, mining cryptocurrency is when computer processing power is used to validate a cryptocurrency transaction. The owner is awarded a sum of the cryptocurrency for providing its computational power to validate the transaction.

Download the App coming soon

Our app (coming March 2021) gives you the ability to manage your account, make trades, and check in on your earnings at any time.

Lowest fees in market
Fast and secure transactions
256-bit secure encryption

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