The First-ever Exchange with Proprietary Trading Algorithms

Inside BLKX Trading Engine™

Predictable, Safe, Effective

Forward-Tested Algorithm Yields 360% APY

Inside BLKX Trading Engine™

Built on Machine Learning

BLKX Trading Engine™ is built on machine learning models to identify and execute on trade opportunities long before a human can recognize them.

Leverages Sentiment Analysis

Relevant market news is aggregated, analyzed and loaded into the trading algorithm to calculate more sophisticated trading decisions.

No minimum deposits required

There are no minimum deposits to use the trading algorithm. Just stake any amount of BlockX to your Trading AI wallet and watch trades as they happen.

Rigorously Tested for profitability

Following years of back testing, the BLKX Trading Engine yielded rewards gains 300% in a full calendar year.

How It Works


Create an Account

Start by creating an account.


Stake BlockX

Deposit any amount of the BlockX token to your trading AI wallet.


Start Earning

Watch as the Trading AI makes profitable trades.

Available For All MyBlockX Users

Faster Returns on Your Crypto

Your staked BlockX will consistently earn exponential rewards year after year.

Deposit and Withdraw at Any Time

There are no limitations on deposits or withdrawals to your Trading AI wallet. You are free to withdraw your BlockX at any time.

Protected by Failsafes and Safety Measures

In addition to the machine learning models, stop losses and hard coded rules are in place to keep your crypto safe.

No Investment Advice Provided

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